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Feb 1, 2013 12:00pm PST
60 degrees. mid-50s to low 60s around the bay area. 56 in santa rosa. santa rosa, one of the only spots, slightly cooler than yesterday. 57 in oakland. 62 walnut creek, 62 in livermore, most of us anywhere from 4 to 6 degrees from 24 hours ago. for the afternoon, the temperatures will soar above average for this time of year, giving you a look here, mostly sunny skies. had some fog across the valley floor. that's broken up. we're looking at sunshine for your afternoon. i want to point you to a couple of items that will be impacting us for the weekend. minor changes in store. first it will come in the way of high clouds. i'm seeing some subtropical moisture pulling up into our area by tomorrow. high clouds overhead. meanwhile, a system in the gulf of alaska is bringing us large swells and that will impact our beaches. so we do have something to be aware of if you are heading toking beach for the weekend -- to the beach for the weekend, rip shores and the sneaker waves, be aware of those for the little ones who like to play on the beaches. we have chilly mornings for saturday. sunda
Feb 8, 2013 12:00pm PST
. you can see the winds here light around santa rosa as well as sfo, mountain view eight miles per hour and san jose, fairfield calm. even with a slight breeze it is chilly, so you have to exr the wind-chill factor in some cases. take, for example, areas like mountainview, redwood city, san jose covered by the two, upper 40s here, if you have the lightest breeze outside your door could mean feels more like low 40s. we will continue with chilly conditions today, 52 napa, foresanta rosa, this is the call for the weekend, sort of cool, breezy at times, upper 40s around the university, fremont reporting 48 degrees as well. afternoon highs for today going to be on the cool side. take a look at this, 53 berkeley, 52 san francisco, 53 nast to, 52 hayward, areas along the santa clara valley, 53 san jose, 52 morgan hill, more sunshine later today. the extended forecast there with your weekend in view, tomorrow morning going to be chilly. the northwest winds are expected to keep us from below freezing at least widespread below freezing temperatures but still waking up with 32 degrees in some area
Feb 11, 2013 12:00pm PST
. ridge of high pressure driving those temperatures up. right now, 63 in napa, 63, santa rosa. low 60s walnut creek. hayward, oakland checking in right about 59 degrees. these numbers anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. napa and santa rosa closer to 10 to 12 degrees warmer than just a day ago. it's a warming trend that we are going to continue. pacific satellite view. ridge of high pressure over the pacific here. the back edge right about there keeping that storm track well to the north. in fact, it's becoming a bit concerning. 2013 looking awfully dry. some areas perhaps even breaking records at this point for january and now moving into mid-february. so check your grass. you may actually need to turn on the sprinklers. this warming trend will carry us all the way through the week. coming upper 60s in the forecast by thursday. it will be mild that day. winds will remain north and northeast and generally light across the region. 62 expected for berkeley today. 60 in san francisco. 63 in hayward. low to mid-60s for the north bay. 6 o-- low 60s inland east bay.
Feb 12, 2013 12:00pm PST
. yesterday, we had some upper 60s. santa rosa, napa and downtown oakland hit 68. that will not happen today. tomorrow, more of the same. fog, sun but then the extended on thursday and friday look warmer. highs in the upper 60s and i think low 70s. still no sign of any rain as you can see. high pressure just says i will deflect everything to the north except for a few occasional high clouds. if you remember last friday, we did have a little bit of rain. our little bit of a rain has turned into a whopper of a system. snow in oklahoma city, 1 to had. er -- 1 to 4. there was about 9 inches in the texas panhandle. that little guy picked up a lot of oomph and is producing a lot of weather. 50s on the temperatures. we had low 30s this morning. had even cooler temperatures by the coast. now almost everyone is close here. about 53, 54, 55. a little more running at 57. concord is 53. still a compoint -- component offshore. the fog is going offshore. same for palo alto. sunny, nice. a little cooler, coast and bay. but everyone in on the sunshine. highs will be far enough away you don't have any influe
Feb 20, 2013 12:00pm PST
was struck and killed in santa rosa. it happened last night near the intersection of west avenue and meeklin court. investigators say the 45-year- old woman was looking for her lost chihuahua with her boyfriend when she stepped into traffic. she was hit by two cars and tied. the chp says both drivers -- died. the chp says both drivers are cooperating with investigators. >>> the family is in mourning after news they so desperately did not want to hear. the body of their 10-month-old girl was found yesterday in monterey county. janine de la vega is in the newsroom to let us know what you found out about the suspect and why the family is questioning law enforcement. janine? >> we looked into court records and found out that the suspect, 47-year-old jesus espinoza, has had previous run-ins with police, arrested for possession of drugs, driving under the ininfluence and violating his -- influence and violating his probation. the family he allegedly killed is trying to come to grips with what's happened. 10-month-old angelle jenisis negron's family was holding onto hope she would be found safe. bu
Feb 25, 2013 12:00pm PST
rosa, already seeing a north breeze at 13 miles an hour. temperatures in santa rosa, 63 degrees. widespread 50s around the bay. 57 oakland. 56 sfo. 56 in san francisco. upper 50s, low 60s in walnut creek. here's a look at what you can expect in the afternoon. shaving a degree or two. 63 san rafael. 60 in berkeley with the onshore breeze. 58 for san francisco today. 60 degrees in hayward. low 60s for concord, down into the santa clara valley, 62 for san jose. 63 morgan hill. 62 for santa cruz. extended forecast showing you we will warm it up as we get into tuesday. wednesday holding steady. thursday into friday, take a look at those numbers. going have to -- to have spring fever as we head into the business week. afternoon highs feeling pretty good. a little bit above the seasonal average. 70s in the forecast and into your weekend. temperatures will actually be nice and mild. low 70s in the forecast. slightly cooler on sunday. >> all right. thank you. >> you are welcome. >>> sinking feeling on wall street. you will hear the reason why -- just ahead. so... [ gasps ] these are sand
Feb 6, 2013 12:00pm PST
of the region. the one exception, 61 degrees in antioch. san jose, 55. santa rosa currently checking in at 54 degrees, reporting mostly sunny skies. today, more sunshine. tomorrow, look what happens. we bring in rain showers and a definite drop-off in temperatures. you will notice that change. this weekend, no rain clouds here, but temperatures will be cooling off and also gusty winds. once again, the setup here on the satellite, notice high clouds approaching cape mendocino. key changes to the north and west. this area of low pressure dropping into northern california. today, we're talking about upper 50s, but as the system moves in for thursday and friday, just low to mid-50s and there is enough moisture with this that we are talking about rain showers. of course we're dry right now. 12:00, clear skies. we'll put this into motion and by 10:00 tonight, 11:00, an increase in some of the overcast. first thing tomorrow morning, for the morning commute, 7:00, here we go. heads-up with rain showers up along the north bay neighborhood, santa rosa, marin county. then by 10:00 and 11:00, this approa
Feb 4, 2013 12:00pm PST
side. i think that will increase or cool off. 57 antioch, yes but look at san rosa novato, oakland airport is only 2 degrees warmer since this morning. 59 in hayward and otherwise upper 40s and 50s. cooler air may filter in later on but this system will fall apart and we will get some what all this and monday morning has developed and i think it is a dry pattern until thursday and then we get a little bit of rain not much. fog sun, cooler east and bay and -- coast and bay and upper 50s or very, very low 60s usually i don't say coastal fog this time of year but there is a lot out there. it will be sunny wednesday and they will get some clouds and rain here and we will struggle to get out of the lower 50s. it looks cool and breezy, but a little warmer. >>> they are adding service from san jose to los angeles. the new route will start soon and the silicone valley tech industry has been campaigning for the airline to add flights out of san jose and the new airline wills bring 50 new jobs to the airport. >>> it is a major milestone and beyonce's performance was just the beginning as the
Feb 7, 2013 12:00pm PST
at last check. livermore right now 51 degrees. santa rosa 54, san francisco checking in 53. as far as rain fall totals not too impressive, san francisco a 10th of an inch, oakland 0.06 and san jose 2/100s of an inch. >>> a sun-cloud mix and a chance for showers this afternoon but a better bet the next round there is another round that moves in for this evening. tomorrow the chance of a shower cool out there, the weekend will be dry but the cool and breezy weather conditions stick around. here is the satellite and radar. first this front moving in earlier this morning. our nix cold batch of air moves in, unstable air this, could trigger thunderstorms later on this evening and possibly some low snow levels here in the bay area down to about 2500 feet. here is our forecast model at 5:00. not a lot to show you but look at this band just offshore. you will notice it does move into the evening hours by 9:00 and even as we do head into the early morning hours of friday scattered showers and a possibility of thunderstorms, basically just into friday morning. >>> this will be a snow produce
Feb 13, 2013 12:00pm PST
degrees. santa rosa 57. napa still on the cooler side. at last check reporting 50 degrees. forecast headlines for tonight, patchy fog and clearing out there for today. and then tomorrow some patchy morning fog, a little bit warmer. a few neighborhoods approaching the 70-degree mark as we do head toward thursday and friday. the weekend no rain clouds just yet. just a little bit of a dropoff in temperatures. high pressure continues to strengthen off shore. as a result, the storm track being pushed up way to our north. with the high in place, though, going to hold on to some patchy fog first thing tomorrow morning. it's a very stable setup. the key here, we're locked in this dry weather pattern right on through the weekend. our next chance of some rain and the forecast models kind of getting a better idea. that could be on tuesday. but does not look like a big deal at all in materials of significant rainfall but -- terms of significant rainfall but still a switch in the weather pattern next week. here's our forecast model showing you this. decreasing overcast for this afternoon with mo
Feb 14, 2013 12:00pm PST
rosa. one of the 70s showing up. san francisco 63. pacifica at 60. san jose upper 60s and you can see a few low 70s for santa cruz and gilroy. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast with your weekend always in view. for your friday, there you can see temperatures still on the mild side after that cool start. we could have some patchy fog to start out the day. but no major issues. and then into the weekend, we drop off the temperatures. especially by sunday. partly cloudy skies on monday. just beyond monday. we could be talking about a rain cloud, the chance of a few showers. it's been a very dry month. we could use the rain. maybe a few rain showers. today looking great for valentine's day. >>> the golden state warriors are revising the proposal for a new arena. the first version has part of the arena sticking out over the edge of piers 30 and 32. that does not leave enough room alongside -- along that side for a cruise ship to dock. that's important because the team wants to include a backup cruise ship berth as a way to get projects backing by state regulators. >>> a new midg
Feb 26, 2013 12:00pm PST
for santa rosa today. 68 in napa. so again, some of us already going to see upper 60s. these numbers anywhere from 3 to 6 above average. 63 in berkeley. 65 in oakland. concord, 6 a. concord you -- 65. concord you are typically 62. 64 san jose. 64 los gatos. a gorgeous day in santa cruz. mid-60s in the forecast. here's your extended forecast. there goes the numbers. afternoon highs upper 60s for tomorrow. low 70s, thursday, friday, holding onto this pattern through at least saturday. we have a system that will bring our temperatures down a little bit. a little cooler on sunday. still remaining dry with the uptick of the afternoon highs, our lows will go to the 40s in time for the weekend. >> thank you, rosemary. >> you are welcome. >>> it's a big day for highly -- for a highly-red member of our ktvu news team who happens to be a great lady and a wonderful friend. the city of oakland declared today, rita williams day. she officially received the official proclamation that honors her award-winning careers as a ground-breaking journalist. she's retiring tomorrow. she will be sorely misse
Feb 27, 2013 12:00pm PST
and livermore. santa rosa, 62. downtown san francisco in the upper 50s at 58. for today, a few high clouds. we'll warm things up for thursday and friday. friday will be the warmest day of the week. saturday and sunday will be cooler. between now and then, high pressure in full command of our weather,ing the storm track up to the north. as a result, no rainfall in our forecast, you will notice for thursday and friday, mild temperatures, mostly sunny skies, at least by friday, we're talking about some lower 70s, around 72 to 74 degrees as we say hello to march on march 1st. here is our cloud and rainfall forecast model. a few high clouds throughout the afternoon hours. another batch first thing tomorrow morning, you will notice rain showers up to the north. pretty much the same deal throughout the day on thursday. our next chance of some rain, that could be about a week from now. the latest forecast models is kind of converging toward that idea. we'll be watching out for that in about a week from today. the first thing in the morning hours of wednesday morning next week. temperatures this aftern
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13